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BioGrass® Sod Farms, Inc. was founded in 1979 by local educator and former U.S. secretary of Education, T.H. Bell. With four sons slowly approaching college and LDS service missions, Bell researched options to start a family business that would cover the upcoming expenses and teach his sons the value of hard work. During his research, Bell was invited by a friend who ran a small sod farm to look into the sod production business. Impressed by his friend’s farm, and reminded by his childhood years of farming in Lava Hot Springs,ID Bell decided to pursue the business and leased portions of a 100-acre farm in Eagle Mountain, Utah.

Shortly into the company’s infancy, however, Bell was appointed by the newly elected President, Ronald Reagan, as the U.S. Secretary of Education. Having worked under Presidents Ford and Nixon, Bell set off to the nation’s capital once again, leaving the new family business in the hands of his wife, Betty, and his four sons, Mark, Glenn, Warren and Peter.

Thirty three years later, BioGrass® is now Utah’s largest and oldest sod farm business and a leader in formulating water-efficient seed mixtures that result in lush and durable sod. The company operates farms in Bluffdale and Vernon, Utah, with an office located in Sandy, Utah and now sells sod, garden soil, fertilizer and their proprietary seed mixtures. Adhering to T.H. Bell’s commitment to education and continued learning, the BioGrass team plays an active role in both industry associations and the local water community. Armed with industry knowledge and input, the Biograss team can apply the latest in turf science to develop seed mixtures specifically designed for Utah’s unique climate and customers’ specific uses.