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Aeration is essential for maintaining a healthy, beautiful, lawn. BioGrass recommends aerating your lawn once in the spring and once in the fall.

Benefits of aeration:

  1. Loosens compact soil
  2. Breaks up and/or removes thatch
  3. Improves water infiltration
  4. Improves nutrient infiltration
  5. Increases oxygen supply to roots
  6. Releases carbon dioxide
  7. Encourages new, deeper root growth

How to aerate your sod:

  1. Contact a local aeration service or rent an aerating machine from a machinery rental service.
  2. Aerate your lawn using a core aerator. If possible, remove a minimum 3-inch plug. Leave the plug on the lawn to decompose.
  3. Add nutrients to your soil by spreading Suståne®  4-6-4 all-natural fertilizer over aerated areas.
  4. Add Pro’s Choice® Soil Conditioner over aerated area to stimulate deep root growth.

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