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What Makes BioBlue® Different?

When seeds from different plant families are combined, it’s called a “mix.” Our BioBlue mix is created in a way that fosters competition among the seed varieties and enhances the performance of both. The rich, deep blue-green color of a BioBlue lawn is one of its most important distinguishing characteristics. Another is the velvety-fine texture, one you can see and feel. Most people who visit the BioGrass test farms want to bend down and brush their fingers through our BioBlue sod–and we encourage them to do so. We know it’s the best way to fully appreciate the aesthetic difference in our approach to a bluegrass mix. BioBlue greens up fast in the spring and has excellent color characteristics throughout summer, fall and winter. Our BioBlue formulation was created with high endophyte (an “endophyte” is a fungus purposely grown within another plant) levels to provide tolerance to surface-feeding insects and environmental stresses. In addition, its dwarf growth habit can reduce clippings while maintaining excellent mowing characteristics.

Follow suggested water and maintenance practices for best results.

What to Expect from BioBlue:

BioBlue is raised to maturity prior to harvesting. At that point it is meticulously machine-harvested to a thickness of approximately 5/8 of an inch, in addition to blade growth. For best results, BioBlue requires direct sun for much of the day, but it is moderatly tolerant to shade as well.


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