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BioNative® – Native Lawn Sod with the BioGrass® Difference

For use on sustainable landscapes

What better sod to enhance your Utah landscape than the grass found naturally in the peaks and valleys of Mountain West? We’ve selected the most attractive native grass species and adaptive plant varieties out there to bring you BioNative sod. Bred for beauty over ballgames, BioNative’s medium texture and familiar hues are ideal for low-maintenance areas. This special blend of warm-weather and cool-weather grasses was made for Utah soil. So even if your property doesn’t extend from the valley floor to extreme Alpine conditions, rest assured, your sod could handle it.

The best of nature. And science.

A “mix” is a combination of seeds from different plant species. And no one mixes a meadow quite like BioGrass’s turf scientists. We experiment with endless formulations to get the ideal grasses in the right ratios. We seek out natural color that lasts from early spring to late fall. We ensure self-repair beyond compare. Then we establish the ever important drought tolerance.

With BioNative®, we’ve brought to life a native sod blend that needs little water or fertilizer. No surprise, it does well when left alone in both sunny and shady surroundings. It can grow to heights of 12 to 36 inches tall. But while it’s genetically programmed to withstand extreme temperatures and dry spells, BioNative isn’t naturally equipped to handle hoards of hyperactive children (or adults).

Feeling right at home.

We raise BioNative to maturity and mow it down to 5 inches before meticulously machine-harvesting it in slabs and rolls approximately 5/8 of an inch thick. We inspect every bit of our sod before bringing it your way, at which point it should be installed immediately. Once it’s installed? You can mow your BioNative regularly to a minimum 5 inches tall. Or let it go wild and mow it a couple of times a year ? once in fall and once in spring. It doesn’t take much to keep BioNative growing beautifully. Give it a little extra water now and then and you’ll only enhance its natural color and density.


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