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BioGrass is Different.

All sod is not the same. What makes BioGrass different? It’s the scientific processes that happen behind the scenes at BioGrass Test Farms, where we continually research and compare new varieties and combinations in diverse conditions.

BioGrass is Beautiful.

All BioGrass products are the result of scientifically formulated seed mixes that are field and laboratory tested to achieve specific criteria. That includes rich color, lush texture and durability. And a BioGrass lawn will look beautiful not just when it’s installed, but for many years to come.

BioGrass is Carefully Formulated.

The science behind BioGrass products goes beyond beautiful surface characteristics. BioGrass products are specifically designed and adapted for the climate and environment of the Intermountain West. With proper care, they will be resistant to environmental stresses and climactic changes all year long.

BioGrass is Environmentally Sound.

BioGrass products are selectively bred to be inherently resistant to a variety of surface-feeding insects. This cuts down on the use of pesticides. And thanks to excellent color characteristics, our grasses often require less fertilizer. Properly maintained, they will naturally develop strong and deep root systems. In addition, certain BioGrass® products are designed for lower water consumption, an issue of ever-greater importance in Utah and throughout the West.

A beautiful lawn doesn’t have to come with a guilty conscience. In fact, all-natural BioGrass sod can serve the environment far beyond your front yard. Here’s how:

BioGrass just feels good.

Are you recycling more? Driving less? Making other efforts to protect the planet for future generations? Your lawn can reflect your commitment to green living too. Some benefits of BioGrass sod are obvious. After all, there’s nothing like kicking back and watching the kids play in the yard as you tend to the grill in your own personal paradise. But there are many more advantages to consider.

BioGrass helps to “keep your cool.”

An irrigated BioGrass lawn not only cleans the air, potentially converting enough carbon dioxide into oxygen for your whole neighborhood to breathe. It also lowers air conditioning bills by cooling the ground around your home. According to The Lawn Institute, the combined front lawns of eight houses have the cooling power of 70 tons of air conditioning. How’s that? On a hot summer day grass is usually 30° cooler than asphalt and 14° cooler than bare soil. Plus, grass reduces the amount of fuel burned to provide your electricity. It can even increase your property value.

BioGrass Gives Water to Spare.

All-natural BioGrass sod also absorbs runoff during rainstorms. It shares that water with the trees, shrubs and flowers around it. It reduces soil erosion. It replenishes groundwater and purifies the water through its roots. And it contributes to the creation of rich new soil when you spread your grass clippings around as you mow.

BioGrass Means: Bye-bye, Brown.

Some people think the only way to live in good graces with the environment is to strip their yards down to bare dirt, stone and bark. But this “desert look” can actually increase the heat around your home, causing you to use more energy for air conditioning and produce more carbon dioxide. It can also create excess dust, airborne allergens and pollutants. Interested in xeriscaping? You can still integrate earth-friendly BioGrass sod into the picture. It traps and removes dust and dirt from the air. Just one acre can absorb hundreds of pounds of fossil-fuel pollutants in a single year. And BioGrass sod is specially formulated to help prevent weeds.

BioGrass is Green by Design.

BioGrass develops superior seed mixes that incorporate resilient native grasses. The result is a healthy, dark-green lawn that requires less water and fertilizer than other options — and can even survive in drought conditions. Of course, we make sure you know how to care for your lawn in an environmentally friendly manner once we install it. That includes offering top-quality organic fertilizer and compost.