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The Science
of Great Sod

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We Recommend BioMeadow

BioMeadow: Meadow lawn sod for the Intermountain West


For use on residential, commercial, and low maintenance areas

BioMeadow was developed at the Biograss test farms and verifies the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program and other scientific studies specifically evaluation for low maintenance lawns.

Biograss set out to develop a low maintenance lawn that has vibrant color, slow growth habit, low fertilizer

requirement, natural pest resistance, and reduced water consumption. The result is BioMeadow.


  • Ornamental lawn that is perfect for decorative landscaping
  • Dense, low-growing, fine textured turf with low-fertility and water requirements
  • Performs well in full sun to partial shade areas
  • Broad range of mowing heights
  • Ideal for partial shade, under trees, and low maintenance areas
  • Mix with wildflowers, bulbs, and natural landscapes


  • Regular sod: 2x 5 rolls with of soil. Ideal for most installations
  • Big Roll sod: 30x 80 with of soil. Great for large area installations

Notable Projects

  • Victory Ranch Club, Park City, Ut
  • University of Utah, SLC, Ut
  • Promontory Golf Club, Park City, Ut
  • City of Holladay, Holladay, Ut


  • Beautiful medium green


  • Fine, slender and wispy


  • Thrives in cool and hot climates USDA zones 4 through 9

Shade tolerance

  • Full sun to partial shade


  • Low level of maintenance
  • Drought and heat tolerant
  • Requires lower inputs than most grass species
  • Responds well to organic and natural lawn care


  • 1 inch to un-mowed
  • Mow every three weeks or once in late spring and fall

BioMeadow: Fine Fescue with the BioGrass difference.

BioMeadow is a special mix of seed varieties formulated for vibrant green color that lasts from early spring to late fall. Its perfect for the temperature extremes and dry climate of the Intermountain West desert. The slender blade and thick cuticle of BioMeadow give it a delicate wispy appearance. BioMeadow uses less water than most cool season grasses and will retain its color in low-water landscapes. Its highly adaptable in sun and partial shade environments. BioMeadow is a low growing, fine leaf textured sod that provides dense turf with less mowing, fertilizer, and water.

Features and Benefits:

  • Slower growing and less invasive than other cool-season grasses
  • Slow growth means less fertilizer and mowing
  • Provides a native or natural look with infrequent mowing
  • Can be used in un-maintained areas as a lower maintenance grass.
  • Fares well under trees and other shady spots.
  • Fares well at lower mowing height.
  • In summer color may lighten in extreme heat, however naturally recovers as temperatures decrease.
  • Good tolerance to saline soil conditions.
  • Disease and insect resistant.